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PCB Design Software List - Phần mềm thiết kế mạch

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Free & Web-based (Work on any OS)

EasyEDA - An easy to use platform with online and offline application, including SCH and PCB editing, a huge library of symbols and components, project management and collaborative work. There's also ngspice based simulation tool and a community forum. Once the board is done, you can use their Gerber viewer for a last minute check, then go ahead and order the production at EasyEDA, at some very decent rates.

123D Circuits - Created by AutoDesk, 123D Circuits includes 4 modules and is part of a larger family of 3D design software: 123D Apps.

Circuit Maker - Created by Altium for hobbyists who can't afford their professional level product. Focused on sharing designs and knowledge in the community of users.

Upverter - Growing platform with user-friendly interface. Partly focused on building a global library of verified components (symbols and footprints).


Free & Offline

KiCAD - Probably the most popular free EDA software. Many great resources are available on the web. (Windows/Mac/Linux)

DesignSpark PCB - DesignSpark has a suite of free tools for electronic, mechanical and software design. Slightly focused on IoT projects. (Windows and Mac/Linux with "emulation software")

Fritzing - A german open-source hardware initiative that provides EDA tools with a simple interface. It has a nice breadboard-to-PCB transition tool. (Windows/Mac/Linux)

PCB Web - Another good free platform. Focused on the manufacturing process with a BOM tool, Digi-Key part integration, etc. (Windows only)


Proprietary or Paid Software

Altium Designer - Very popular in businesses of all sizes. Costs a few thousand dollars. Made to design any kind of projects (FPGA, flex-board, etc.). (Windows only)

Eagle - the most commonly used PCB Design software as its easy and quite flexible in its features. Eagle has quite a lot of support available online in forums as its quite an old software. (Windows/Mac/Linux)

OrCAD PCB Designer - Comparable to Altium Designer and at a similar price. (Windows only)

DipTrace- The DipTrace software has four modules: Schematic capture, PCB Layout editor, component & pattern editor and 3D modelling of PCB.There are different versions like starter, standard and full with DipTrace full version being the ultimate edition will no restrictions. (Windows/Mac/Linux)

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