Arduino Programming Course - Khóa học lập trình Arduino

Ứng dụng Arduino trong điều khiển thiết bị điện, điện tử.
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Arduino Programming Course - Khóa học lập trình Arduino

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Arduino Programming Course Contents
Introduction and Requirements
Overview of the course with hardware and software requirements.

Part 1: Arduino Sketch Structure and Flow
Explains the structure of an Arduino program and how program statements are executed. Demonstrates a simple "Hello World" program.

Part 2: Arduino Sketch Main Loop and Calling Functions
How the Arduino main loop works and what it means to call a function.

Part 3: Variables
An introduction to Arduino variables showing the use of integer (int) and floating point (float) variables.

Part 4: Arithmetic Operators
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and remainder on an Arduino.

Part 5: Relational Operators
Comparing values in Arduino.

Part 6: Increment Operator and Commenting
How the Arduino increment operator works. Using comments in Arduino sketches.

Part 7: The Arduino for Loop
How the Arduino for loop works. Use the Arduino for loop to loop through code a set number of times.

Part 8: The Arduino while Loop
How to use the Arduino while and do-while loops.

Part 9: The Arduino if Statement
Using the Arduino if statement. How to get keyboard input to the Arduino from the Serial Monitor Window.

Part 10: Making Decisions with if-else
Arduino if-else construct. Switch an LED on and off using the Serial Monitor window.

Part 11: Decisions with if-else-if
Arduino if-else-if and if-else-if-else constructs. Control LED blink rates using if-else-if constructs.

Part 12: Logical Operators
OR, AND and NOT logical operators used in Arduino sketches to control an LED from the Serial Monitor window.

Part 13: Switch & Break

Part 14: Conditional Operator

Part 15: Functions

Part 16: Returning a Value from a Function

Part 17: Arrays

Part 18: Strings

Part 19: Serial Input

Part 20 still to come...

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